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30 years ago, community activists and business leaders of Los Angeles’ downtown community responded to the alarming disappearance of affordable, permanent housing by banding to together to create Skid Row Housing Trust. The Trust swiftly mobilized private equity through low income tax credits, public finance and conventional debt to salvage hundreds of housing apartments that would have been otherwise lost.

Flash forward to today and the Trust has grown into one of the nation’s preeminent builders of permanent housing/support service providers. For 30 years, we’ve bought, designed, and built permanent supportive housing with one population in mind; the chronically homeless men and women of Los Angeles County. By providing an integrated approach to housing, primary healthcare, mental health treatment, substance use treatment, and counseling, the Trust provides many of the tools needed to overcome homelessness.

Today, we celebrate 30 years of service. 26 properties, 2,000 men and women currently housed and thousands of success stories later, we, partnered with government, private sector, concerned citizens, and other nonprofit organizations have changed the lives of thousands for the better.

With three properties in the pipeline and many more to be announced, we are just getting started. 

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